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Chia Seeds can be bought and consumed.

There are several health benefits to Chia Seeds:

  1. Weight loss:  Chia seeds can help with weight loss. They can reduce food cravings. They do this by stopping some food from getting absorbed into your system. This can prevent calories from being absorbed. A person can feel full because Chia seed absorb 10 times their weight in water. Creating a sensation of being full.
  2. Help with reducing blood pressure: While not proven there is some evidence that Chia seeds can reduce blood pressure
  3. Great source for Omega-3 Omaga-3 can protect against inflamation and help with conditions such as arthritis and heart disease. They reportedly contain more Omega-3 than salmon.
  4. Blood sugar and diaabetes: Chia seeds can slow donw how fast a persons body converts carbohydrates in to simple sugars. Scientists believe that Chi may help people control their blood sugar. .